Let us pay you for your test strips each month or on a regular basis.

Sell your diabetic test strips in Virginia and nationwide. We are located in Roanoke VA and service and buy test strips nationwide. We have been buying diabetic test strips and other medical related supplies for over 20 years. Building positive and productive relationships with our clients is the key to or success. No fast talking sales people here! We get to know all of out clients that choose to sell us their unused test strips and other supplies. You will get to know us, we are a family owned business with values, morals, and ethics.

TestStripMarket was started by a Diabetic without insurance and he saw how hard it was to get certain test strips at an affordable price (Not to mention his insulin). The business was formed out of necessity and was an accident really! After running a simple ad looking for unused test strips, the replies were overwhelming and he ended up with more than he needed. A decision to help others was made, he started selling his extra test strips at the same cost he was getting them. After seeing others needing test strips at a fair price TestStripMarket was built.

TestStripMarket buys test strips in almost every state. We are located on the east coast in Roanoke VA and deal with a lot of clients in North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Alabama, and Virginia. We also work with test strip sellers in every state!