Diabetic Test Strip Buyers Long Island NY

The best place to sell Diabetic Test Strips in NYC New York City, Manhattan & Long Island


Sell your diabetic test strips and supplies in NYC including Long Island NY

What happens with my test strips once they’re sold to our NYC New York test strip buyers?
Once you sell your test strips to us, we provide them to people with diabetes who for one reason or another cannot afford to buy them over the counter because of their price. Whether we sell them at a discount or donate them, we want to make sure everyone with diabetes has access to the products they need to manage their condition, regardless of their income or insurance level.
How do I get the strips to you?
We will meet at a public place around your area. We pick-up in Suffolk/Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island.
When will I receive payment?
You Receive Payment on the spot, CASH ONLY!
What do I do about the Prescription Label on the box?

You can cross out your personal information with a black marker if you’re concerned about your privacy. Please do not attempt to remove the labels, as this may damage the box and affect your payment.

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